Thomsen Consulting | What We Do
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What We Do

Multi-disciplinary business consulting.


Managing a business regardless of its size is often not an easy task.  Are you managing daily operations in the most efficient and effective way?  Are you appropriately managing risk?  Do you know where you want your business to be in 6 months, 12 months, or 5 years and do you know how you are going to get it to that point?  After learning about your business and current management practices, Thomsen Consulting can offer practical advice on how to better manage your business to achieve your goals.  If you wish, we can also actively work with you in managing your business either in the short-term of long term in either a hands-on or hands-off capacity.


Marketing is one of the most misunderstood areas of running a business.  It is so much more than just advertising or promotions and importantly you must truly understand your customer, their needs, and their purchase motivations.  Thomsen Consulting can work with you to identify the best marketing strategies for your business and then work with you in implementing them.   Whether it be traditional or digital components of the marketing mix, Thomsen Consulting can make it happen.


Having the correct systems and operational procedures in place is crucial to running a sustainable business.  Not only do systems and processes play a major role in customer experience, but they can also impact the profitability of a business and determine how much time you as the owner have to work on the business rather than in the business.  When it comes to systems and procedures, it is rare that we come across a business where things could not be done in a smarter way.  Talk to us about how we can review your current systems and procedures and help you implement any recommendations.


Whether it be new branding, revamping your existing branding, website design or other marketing collateral, Thomsen Consulting has done it before.  Jonathan Thomsen has been an AIPP accredited professional photographer and was building websites back in the days when there was no other option but to manually write the code.  Unlike organisations who are purely designers, we consider your design needs in the context of the bigger picture of your marketing strategy and business goals to ensure that they are in alignment and have the best chance of a successful outcome.


Sound governance is critical to any organisation, not only to manage risk and ensure regulatory and legal compliance but to set the strategy of the organisation.  As a seasoned Executive Director and Non-Executive Director, Jonathan Thomsen’s experience may be invaluable to your company.  Even family businesses can benefit greatly from the appointment of a non-executive director or advisory board.  Talk to us about the various options available to assist your organisation.