Thomsen Consulting | Governance
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Independent of the company size or structure, good governance is a prerequisite to achieving a sustainable and viable operation. Governance policies and strategies need to be established to guide the business management to meet the expectations of owners, stakeholders and customers.
Have you given serious consideration to how resilient your organisation is?  The resilience of a business is the ability to react and recover from disruption.

Forecasting the future involves lots of assumptions creating uncertainties. Can your business cope with those uncertainties? Solutions to many uncertainties can be influenced internally within the company, but rarely solved with confidence.

How confident are you that the necessary “what-if” questions have been asked and fully discussed to formulate governance strategies? For example, “what-if” a key person in the organization (maybe the owner) becomes unable to have normal input to the business for say three months, or six months or becomes totally unavailable? These are difficult questions and are often avoided until a crisis occurs. Such questions need answers for establishing the long-term viability of the business and succession planning.

Corporate governance is a driver of the performance of a company - ASIC

The collective experience and knowledge in business governance at Thomsen Consulting can assist you in creating meaningful strategies to deal with the many uncertainties such as this.

Speak with us to discuss the governance of your business.