Thomsen Consulting | Management
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We work with our clients on strategy, planning and problem solving, and in doing so help them enhance their business and further develop business skills and knowledge.   Our services can be in either purely an advisory capacity or both advisory and hands-on depending on the requirements of the client.

Problem Identification

In some cases, a business may be exhibiting problematic symptoms, such as a decrease in sales, increased staff turnover or decreased customer retention, and internal management is unable to pinpoint the source of the problem.  By viewing the business from a fresh perspective and with our wealth of knowledge and experience, Thomsen Consulting can observe the symptoms within your operations, conduct some tests and research, and determine the root of the problem.

Solution Creation

In some cases, you may have a goal that you can’t achieve internally either because there is a skills gap or because it is simply not within your business’s core competency. The goal may arise from an identified opportunity, or it could be a solution to a problem that has been identified.  By engaging our wealth of experience and knowledge, Thomsen Consulting can recommend solutions to achieve your goals.


It’s not always solutions to specific problems that we are asked to assist with.  In some cases, it is simply that the business knows it can be operating in a better way overall but doesn’t know where to start.  Thomsen Consulting can come in and bring in some fresh perspective, evaluate any or all areas of your business, and determine the processes and procedures to increase efficiency or productivity levels.

Strategic Planning

Sometimes you have the operational side of the business under control and running smoothly and you just need assistance with the bigger picture such as what direction should you be taking the business in? We're here to help!

Management Audit

A management audit is essentially a review of management systems within the business. We address issues such as efficiency within the business, whether risks have been appropriately identified, whether sound succession plans are in place, etc.

Advisory & Mentoring

Whether you are seeking informal mentoring or a formal Advisory Board structure we can walk with you through your business journey. Our many years of diverse business experience is invaluable to business owners and managers.

Speak with us to discuss the management of your business.