Thomsen Consulting | Systems and Processes
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Systems and Processes

As a small business owner or manager, you need to allow yourself time to work on the business instead of just in the business.  Effective systems and processes should aid in doing this as they streamline the operations of the business so that all staff know exactly what needs to be done in everyday scenarios, and they have the necessary infrastructure and resources to help them in doing it as efficiently and effectively as possible.  A byproduct of effective systems should also be a better and more consistent customer experience.

Business Growth

The overriding impact of a system is that it can cause a business to grow. Instead of reacting to crises, you can proactively address growth hurdles. When you implement the right systems, you create for yourself both more time and mental freedom. With this time and mental energy, you can work to grow your business instead of burying yourself in busywork.

Save Time

A simple system, once created and acted upon, can save hundreds of hours each year.

Reduce Problems

In business, small problems can eventually lead to massive ones. Putting systems in place can successfully deal with small scale problems, thus avoiding looming future problems.

Improve Productivity

Improving your business isn’t just about saving time. It’s about using the time you have to the greatest possible advantage. That’s the power of productivity.

What systems and processes do I need?

Every business has unique needs.  To determine what changes you may need to existing systems or processes and identify what additional systems and processes would be beneficial, the staff at Thomsen Consulting would first spend some time getting to know the operations of your business and what your future plans are.  Once we have this knowledge and understanding we can make recommendations on how systems and processes can be amended or added to improve your business. These recommendations may involve both IT systems and non-IT processes.  If it is in the best interests of your business, we will normally recommend the use of an existing “off-the-shelf” system that we can customise rather than developing one from scratch as this will generally be more cost-effective.  Often our recommendations may incorporate the integration of several “off-the-shelf” systems and of course we can also work with you to provide their implementation.

Below are just a few examples of how systems have been integrated into various businesses.  Of course, this is only the tip of the iceberg so speak with us today about how Thomsen Consulting can help improve your business through the use of better systems and processes.

Removalist - Time Saver

Our client owned a removal company and found that his staff were spending large amounts of time quoting jobs as the process of calculating the volume of goods was taking several hours per job. We developed an online tool so that when the customer submitted the quote request, the volume of goods was already calculated when received by the office based on an idiot-proof inventory list included in the quote request. This allowed the staff who previously manually calculated the inventory to be deployed into revenue areas of the business.

Repair Services - Job Allocation & Despatch

Systemising the allocation and despatch of jobs to staff in the trades services industry can be challenging for businesses that have more than one mobile staff member. We can help implement systems to give permitted staff a quick and easy view of available staff on any day, allocate staff and other resources to a job, track that job, despatch the job to a staff member via an app that gives them full job info and even directions to the job, and allow the customer to track their arrival. Job details can be updated live on the app and once complete the invoice for that job can automatically be pushed through to their accounting system and slow payers be automatically followed up by email and/or SMS, allowing the staff to be focusing on other important aspects of the business.

Professional First Point of Contact

When a customer contacts your business they expect their enquiry to be responded to quickly. Failure to do so will often result in the customer going to another business instead. Even small businesses need to have a professional first point of contact. We have implemented extremely cost-effective systems that allow even the smallest business to give the perception of a larger organisation (but without the negative perceptions of a large organisation) without unnecessarily distracting field staff if they are with a customer.

Speak with us to discuss the systems & processes of your business.